Behind The Healthy Homosapien

Hi, my name is Veronica Wood and I am The Healthy Homosapien. I am a wellbeing advocate passionate about true health. I have a strong interest in understanding who we are as human beings and what it means to be truly well so I can help those around me make real long term lifestyle change for the better.

A little bit about me

My health journey started in 2005 when I decided to study Personal Training. At that time, I considered myself ‘healthy’ and really believed that as long as I exercised and ate a relatively good diet (I had no idea what that actually meant) that I had it all worked out.

I completed my studies, started my own business and was so excited to be making a difference in people’s lives by physically training them the best way I knew how. I was excited. Absolutely loved getting up everyday. I had purpose.

Personal training has come and gone over the years as life demanded other things from me, but I always knew that I wanted to give more and make a real difference. Due to my passion for wellbeing however, researching and learning became part of my everyday – I had a real desire to understand what it meant to be a healthy human.

The real change happened for me however when I started studying nutrition. Wow the world of nutrition! What an eye opener. It is like a maze where the information changes depending on the way it is presented, who is presenting it, who is researching it, who is funding the research, who is advertising it and basically at the end of the day, who is making money from it. The information available to us is not reliable or useful for that matter, to ensure good health.

The real truth about how to be healthy just isn’t available to us through mainstream channels – we have to search for it – and search hard through the myriad of articles which all have their own agendas. That is where I come in. To provide real information that is useful and easily digestible. I find it so frustrating that if true health education was being advertised as regularly as gambling ads, through shear influence and subconscious behavior, we would all be living our best lives fit and healthy. Guaranteed.

We, as a race, are so intelligent yet we allow money, success and the need to conform dictate our lives which is making us sick. Our health and wellbeing is declining at an alarming rate worldwide despite the billions of dollars spent on so called ‘health’ products. Why?

Because we haven’t tapped into our inner Homosapien and have relied on external influences to guide our way. That is not the way to wellbeing success. My journey is one of discovery. One I want to share with you so you too can be a healthy human.

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