A golden opportunity.

I learnt a very valuable lesson about the way opportunity presents itself recently that I want to share. Have you ever been in a position where you felt your work was no longer serving you and that the only option that seemed right was to quit your job? That you screamed to the universe ‘I…

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New beginnings! But not from the beginning.

Life is special. But sometimes life takes us away from the things we like to do or want to achieve. The good news however is that life gives us give us the opportunity to come back to our passions and dreams time and time again. It doesn’t matter how long we are away from what…

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We think how much?! And they’re what?!

‘We think 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in one day, and 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before.’ Dr Joe Dispenza Who is counting these? Beside the point… Thoughts matter more than we think. Thoughts are not just mindless words floating around having no consequence. No, they have very significant consequences. They…

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Break Free! From?…The Weight Loss Industry.

The weight loss industry is big business. In 2021, it is estimated that a whopping 70.3% of Australian adults aged 18 and over are either overweight or obese. With the Global Pandemic (COVID-19) now in its third year with no end in sight, that figure is bound to continue to rise. The reasons for this…

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A New Year … Let’s enjoy the gift of time.

Patience is a virtue. Time is our friend. It’s that time of year when we are looking ahead to the future, setting goals and wanting to fast track our health and fitness journey. January is a nice fresh start and we feel as though it is a great time to reset and start again. Each…

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Can a ‘cure the symptoms’ philosophy keep us well?

The short answer is no. Australia, like most countries, has a health care system based on a ‘cure the symptoms’ philosophy and not on a ‘let’s prevent disease’ philosophy (through food, movement and mental health). Doctors are doctors of medicine. They study for a long time to learn the ins an outs of human anatomy…

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Cookies and Filter Bubbles are feeding our bias.

And there are no calories involved here! We all love a personalised social media feed and internet search results right? And to be fed information that is just for us? The internet is a world full of business not a world of helping us to be open minded and informed. Businesses want to give us…

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Do you know your WHY?

“When you know your why, you will know the way.”Michael Hyatt We want a lot of things. Do you ever think ‘I want to be healthy’, ‘I want to lose weight’, ‘I want to be fitter’? We want, we want, we want. But why don’t we always achieve what we want? Everyone I know wants…

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Behind The Healthy Homosapien

Hi, my name is Veronica Wood and I am The Healthy Homosapien. I am a wellbeing advocate passionate about true health. I have a strong interest in understanding who we are as human beings and what it means to be truly well so I can help those around me make real long term lifestyle change…

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